100 selected NFT jingle tokens for your life to collect.
made by 2 musicians with love.

the first NFT Jingle
in the world

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NFT Jinglebe is the first super selective music jingle token in the world. 100 handmade and highly characteristic jingles made for your life to underline and collect. For every feeling there is a melody and every moment has a sound. We made 100 limited tracks for you to own and only for you.

Stored safe on the ethereum blockchain as a non fungible token, it‘s the first NFT jingle in the world. Pick a jingle that fits you right. It should feel like a second skin made out of music that completes you. You are art and so is music.

Jingle Cover Drawing

this is how
it works:

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Created by these guys

Philipp Schwär Foto

Philipp Schwär

award winning musician and producer. worked together with tons of the best musicians.
specializes in film score and heart warming music.

Fynn Kliemann Foto

Fynn Kliemann
Artist, musicians and movie maker

made 2 gold records, published the most viewed documentary in just 24hours. does things. All of em. is a crypto enthusiast and loves painting stuff.